Natural Remedies - Reflux - 3 Ways to Stop the Burning Naturally

For the majority of acid reflux heartburn sufferers antacids are the treatment of choice. Sure, they act quickly but for those with serious acid reflux they don't seem to last for very long. Part of the problem lies in the fact that these acid neutralizers cause an acid imbalance in the stomach and many times that just makes the problem worse.

A healthier way to combat this problem is by using a variety of natural remedies for reflux. These can not only help you rebalance your digestive processes but you'll enjoy additional health benefits that you cannot get while taking over the counter antacids, many of which contain aluminum.

Here are three natural remedies for acid reflux that help relieve stomach issues and provide healthy side benefits.

1. Anise, Peppermint, and Lavender tea - This tea does wonders for both acid reflux and heartburn because it helps neutralize the acid in your stomach. It is easy to make and all you have to do is.

Boil- 2 ½ cup distilled water
Pour boiling water over a teaspoon of the herbal mixture
Let the tea sit for 3- 5 minutes
Strain the tea and add a little bit of honey if you like

Drink 8 ounces in the morning and 8 more ounces in the evening to get the full effect. Here's a little info behind the ingredients of this tea.

Anise or Aniseed - This herb has many benefits including maintaining a healthy digestive system. The type you need to use is called green anise, sweet anise, or European anise. Start anise and caraway anise should not be used in this instance.

Peppermint - This herb also helps calm the stomach and heartburn as it is beneficial for healthy digestion and helps calm and sooth such conditions as distension, cramps, ulcers, and gas.

Lavender - Not only does it smell good it is also an excellent stomach aid in that it is useful for reducing stomach acid secretions.

2. Pineapples - This tropical fruit is a store house of beneficial enzymes that includes bromelain. This enzyme helps break down proteins during the digestive process which limits acid production. If pineapples aren't your thing then consider buying bromelain in supplement form. 200-500mg per meal should work for just about everyone.

3. Chicory Root - Chicory belongs to a family of bitter herbs that includes escarole and endive. You can make a simple tea by boiling 1 ½ cups of the root for 5 to 10 minutes. Let it cool to room temperature and then drink it. It works well to sooth acid reflux and heartburn.

These three natural remedies reflux are but a few of the natural treatments for acid reflux disease. Using them will surely give you the relief you seek but to truly treat this condition you need to do as much research into it's causes, symptoms, and cures to truly control it.

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