Use Herbal Supplements to Treat ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD affects more than 3% of school age children. And many parents of ADHD cases have thrown caution to the wind with the increased use of psychiatric medicine and antidepressants for treatment. True, medications like Ritalin and Adderall will work to soothe out the symptoms relevant to this metabolic dysfunction of the brain. But then again, the side effects of drug use which includes intermittent mood swings, substance addiction, deviant behaviors and the more severe consequences of harboring suicidal thoughts and psychotic tendencies leading to extreme violence, is something that has enticed many to desist administration while persuading child care professionals to lobby for its deepened regulation with the FDA.

The issue of narcotic side effects only reinforces our fragile control over the workings of chemical brain stimulants that find its way into the bloodstream. In view of the drawbacks to synthetic forms of medication, a formulation of natural remedies would likely work to this end. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has unearthed an array of herbal remedies that have been utilized since the ancient times to enhance brain performance, improve cerebral blood flow and regulate adverse behavior. Among them are the herbal remedies Hyoscyamus, Tuberculinum and Verta Alb which are recognized natural treatments for irritability, temper outbursts and impatience.

For our benefit, expert herbalists in the field of alternative medicine have concocted ADHD herbal supplements for children that pursue the holistic treatment of its many symptoms such as a shortened attention span, forgetfulness, lack of focus, restlessness and depression. At work with every potent herbal supplement formula such as BrightSpark are primary herbs seeking to calm down impulsive behavior and boost cognitive skills with the help of support herbs that intensify its efficacy and component herbs that cushion the side effects put forth by primary herbs. Moreover, tonic herbs are integrated into herbal remedy solutions to restore an ADHD inflicted child's general well-being.

The biological nature of ADHD is becoming more apparent with scientific research pointing out to delayed cortex development as the main contributor to this childhood neurological disorder that can actually be outgrown towards the teenage years. Pertinent statistics however reveal that symptoms actually progress into the adult years for around 60% of ADHD cases. Nevertheless, the act of artificially stimulating the production of stress hormones that are vital to the learning centers of the brain-through the use of psychiatric medicine, becomes detrimental to the physical and mental development of a child in the long run. A subtle and natural approach by way of herbal supplements promises to be a more acceptable form of treatment intended to correct the hormonal and development issues confronting the brain chemistry of a child.

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