Your Must Know Guide to Herbal ADHD Treatment

herbal treatment for ADHD

Are there herbs that can stimulate the brain and could they be used in herbal ADHD treatment? That is a question many parents ask as they seek an alternative to powerful mind altering drugs such as Ritalin and Vyvanse which are nothing more than amphetamines. So, if you are determined NOT to serve Ritalin for breakfast, read on because I want to outline some of the best plant extracts used in herbal ADHD treatment.

Israeli Research
In a very interesting research study led by Professor Miri Katz, at Sheba Hospital in Israel, it was shown that a herbal treatment for ADHD was very effective in reducing ADHD symptoms. There were 120 children in the study aged between 7 and 12 and they took the herbal formula for a period of four months. The control group were given a placebo for the same period. It was found that those children who had taken the herbal formula showed significant and noteworthy improvement in their concentration spans. In addition, cases of disruptive behavior such as fidgeting and restlessness were much reduced.

Examples of herbal treatment for ADHD
The exact herbal mix used in that trial have not been revealed but I want to list here some of the herbs that have been used with very good results in other ADHD treatment plans. Rosemary is a great stimulant for the memory and it is well known that Greek students use this when studying for their exams. Ginseng is famous for the fact that it stimulates the cerebral cortex which in turn will increase the attention span and aid concentration. Bacopa is well known for helping with concentration. Gingko biloba can stimulate circulation in the brain and can help with memory and attention problems.

What is the difference between herbal and homeopathic treatments?
Many parents are puzzled as to the difference between herbal ADHD treatment and homeopathic treatment. Is there a difference? There are several distinctions to be made here. Herbal remedies come only from botanical sources whereas homeopathic remedies use a mix of extracts from animal, mineral or botanical origins. Homeopathy uses micro dosages while herbal remedies will use greater quantities of the extracts. In addition homeopathic medicine s designed to stimulate the body's immune system to heal itself and there is much emphasis on the whole person rather than the symptoms of any particular disease or condition.

Why homeopathic remedies are the preferred option
The most important distinction to be made is that of controls and regulation. Herbal and nutritional supplements are not controlled at all by the FDA whereas homeopathy is. That is one very good reason why I prefer to use homeopathic treatments, especially if I know that the company is a FDA registered facility and if it has qualified homeopaths working for them. The homeopathic ingredients such as Hyoscamus, Tuberculinum can be useful in treating hyperactivity, restlessness, irritability and aggressive behaviours. Why not click on the link below which explains in more details why these remedies are safer and more effective than herbal ADHD treatment.

Discover what is the best herbal ADHD treatment and ADHD homeopathic remedy available. Experts now tell us that child behavior problems can be solved with behavior therapy combined with a natural treatment for ADHD. Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.

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