Green Smoothies For Better Health and Performance In The Gym

Everybody wants to live longer, feel better, and be leaner, right? We know that diet and exercises are major keys to reaching this goal. One secret that many people have discovered for feeling better and achieving greater feats in the gym is the use of smoothies - in particular, green smoothies. These smoothies incorporate the blending of water, fruit, and lettuce in a single drink. Green smoothies are better than consuming the ingredients separately for several reasons. 

Let's look at these reasons.

Convenience can be achieved with green smoothies - this is the most obvious reason for using them. You quickly blend a handful of berries, lettuce and bananas in the morning, and you have a shaker cup packed with your entire day's worth of fruits and vegetables. Drink it with a meal, post-workout, or as part of a mid-day snack. Instead of chomping down a banana and a salad, you can simply chug a drink in 10 or 15 seconds, and move on with your day.  


Synergy is definitely achieves when drinking green smoothies. Your body is able to assimilate the nutrients offered in each of the various fruits and vegetables in the same sitting. Instead of digesting a banana, waiting 4 hours, then digesting lettuce, then digesting strawberries four hours later, you are able to reap the health benefits of each of them - all at the same time - with every serving.

Finally, researchers believe green smoothies deliver something greater than just the sum of their ingredients. Chimpanzees also feast upon green leaf lettuce all day long, and their health and strength certainly surpasses that of us human beings. It is believed that by slowly chewing upon each leaf hundreds of times, they are able to rupture cell membranes within the lettuce, and therefore derive more of the nutritional benefits. Using your blender to pulverize the lettuce into tiny bits delivers this same advantage!

Each smoothie should consist of four key ingredients. Two cups of water is the first staple ingredient. Add two bananas for your solid base. Nest, a handful of berries or sweet fruit of your choice in is order. Strawberries, blueberries, or mixed fruit all make for excellent choices. The more sweet fruit you add, the less "green" your smoothie will look and taste. It's okay to load up the sweet fruits early in your smoothie experience as you adjust to the green nature of them. Finally, you add a solid handful of your leafy greens. These can be kale, spinach, red or green leaf lettuce, or romaine lettuce, which is particularly popular. Kale is probably the most neutral of ingredients, meaning you won't taste it. Blend it for 90 seconds (without ice) and serve over ice. It's that easy!

Many of us don't like to eat our fruits and vegetables. However, green smoothies allow us to consume a day's worth of fruits of vegetables in a tasty, easy to drink format. Give them a shot, and see if you feel better, look better, and perform better in the gym!

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