Faster, Quicker Stronger: Intravenous Nutrient Therapy for Optimal Health

However, the exact therapy or "tool" used to treat patients is not as important as what the goal of treatment is. That is, to treat the underlying cause of disease. The therapy I am referring to is called Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, or IVNT. In certain situations, IVNT provides the missing link in achieving optimal health benefits from natural medicine. Nutrient Depletion Despite Super-Supplementation Very often, I encounter patients who have modified their diets, are taking high quality and appropriate supplements and nutrients, yet still are not experiencing expected improvements. Is the answer that they are taking the WRONG supplements and nutrients? Maybe. Is it possible that there is something else causing their symptoms?

 Possibly. Even with the very best, highest quality, most expensive supplements there are issues that prevent adequate absorption nutrients derived through oral supplementation and foods. Many factors are needed to elicit optimal absorption and delivery of nutrients, including: Optimal gastrointestinal health: when nutrients are taken orally, the gastrointestinal track needs to break down foods and supplements to release the core nutrients, and transport those nutrients to the blood for delivery to the cells requiring them. Healthy liver function: after the nutrients are transported to the blood, they are then delivered to the liver for filtering and detoxification before having opportunity to reach other cells in the body. " A compromised liver can make certain nutrients inactive, ineffective, or bound for excretion before given the opportunity to have their effect in the body.

 Often nutrients need to be in higher concentration inside the cells compared to outside the cell. " This is analogous to an overcrowded train. However, it would take a little force to squeeze in additional people into an over packed train, requiring some shoving and pushing to make room. " This is called "active transport". Many essential minerals have as little as 1% absorption, and most only have 10-25% absorbed and available to the cells in healthy adults. [i] [ii] Most people have some degree of gastrointestinal compromise, even when that is not their major complaint. So many diseases and symptoms have direct correlation with gastrointestinal compromise because this leads to malabsorption of nutrients necessary to maintain health! If the body is starving for nutrition, it starts to decay and breakdown. Poor diet, inflammatory foods, processed foods, transfatty acids, environmental toxins (heavy metals, PCB's, pesticides, dioxins, smog), chronic medication use, synthetic hormones, bacteria, viruses, Candida, fungus, chronic stress, and so on all engender decreased gastrointestinal health. " As a naturopath, I hope to change this thinking to "If it ain't broke, lets keep it that way!" Not as catchy.

 By that time there is already diminished function down to the cell itself, with decreased energy production causing compromised membrane function. This becomes a Catch 22 situation: nutrient depletion and toxins lead to cellular dysfunction, decreased energy production and "disease"; this leads to impaired membrane pumps required to maintain optimal intracellular nutrient levels and export of toxins (the cellular trash); often the nutrients may be present in small concentration surrounding the cell; if the cell could take those nutrients inside the cell, they would help promote healing and repair; however, the cell may be too sick or energy depleted to fuel the pumps required to bring those nutrients in! This is why many people taking wonderful supplements and eating a whole food diet may not experience the improvements they expect.

 For example, vitamin C has been demonstrated to have an antiviral effect at high serum concentrations of 10-15 mg/dL. The highest plasma concentration achieved through oral administration of vitamin C is 9. [iv] This means that no matter how much vitamin C someone ingests, they will be unable to raise their blood levels beyond a certain point. 5 grams/day of vitamin C will only raise the serum concentration to about 1. 5 mg/dl. A similar effect is found with magnesium supplementation, where oral supplementation has a peak serum concentration beyond which even super-dosing with oral magnesium cannot surpass. In addition, many people are basing adequate supplementation levels on the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) guidelines, which are levels intended to avoid deficiency induced diseases, but have little to do with levels promoting optimal health. This effect is further compounded when considering the multiple factors that hinder absorption discussed above (gastrointestinal health, cellular absorption capacity, etc).

 The body needs to be out of debt before it can make a nutritional profit! Overcoming The Obstacles Using Intravenous Nutrient Therapy: A Safe, Effective, and Natural Method To Achieve Optimal Health With so many obstacles to achieving therapeutic benefit from vitamins, minerals and nutrients, does that mean we should just throw in the towel and have a Big Mac? Absolutely not. A very effective therapy to help circumvent these obstacles is called Intravenous Nutrient Therapy, or IVNT. In addition, whereas oral absorption may be 1-25%, IVNT provides 100% of nutrients delivered to be available to cells for repair and health. IVNT provides a "kick start" by making nutrients more readily available and easier to transport inside the cells. Nutrients can enter cells via "passive transport" requiring less energy than "active transport". The nutrients require less work to travel from high concentration (packed train, or bloodstream) to lower concentration (empty train, or inside the cell).

 For example, Vitamin C can have a virus killing effect but only at very high plasma concentrations. As discussed, there is a therapeutic Catch 22 in cellular health, where the cells need to be healthy enough to have enough energy to bring in the nutrients required for repair, but a sick cell may not be able to do so even if those nutrients are around.

 For some, it is a therapy used temporarily to accelerate the healing process. ¯ Conditions Treated with IVNT[v] [vi] [vii] IVNT is a safe and effective therapy using natural substances in high quantities which enables accelerated healing for optimal health. The many conditions which benefit from IVNT include: Cancer Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Depression Parkinson's Disease Migraine Headaches Macular degeneration, Cataracts and certain Retinopathies Autoimmune conditions Rheumatoid Arthritis Lupus Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Lyme Disease and other chronic infections Hepatitis Herpes Virus Environmental Toxicity Malabsorption problems (i. gastritis, ulcers, IBS, Crohn's, colitis, diverticulits) Asthma Flu symptoms Peripheral Artery Disease Macular Degeneration Heavy metal toxicity Post traumatic/post operative wound healing Heart disease Diabetes Parkinson's disease Alzheimer's disease Dementia Multiple Sclerosis HIV Therapeutic Effect of IVNT Benefits seen by patients vary and depend on the severity of the illness and individual response to treatment. Some potential short term side effects include a warm sensation due to some of the minerals, hypotension (lowered blood pressure), and changes in blood sugar.

 Overall, IVNT is a very safe therapy. Conclusion Intravenous infusions of certain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, homeopathics, botanicals and other nutrients can often be the missing link in achieving optimal health. It is one treatment amongst many within the realm of natural medicine, and when used appropriately, can provide astonishing results! Join Us on Facebook


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