Natural way to increase fertility

 In the Journal of Translational Medicine, we came across a meta-study in which a sedentary lifestyle reduced the risk of infertility.. The Study Researchers at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, followed 10, previously published epidemiological studies investigating the link between exercise and infertility.

Using mathematical tools. The authors of the study had significantly reduced the impact on other aspects of life, such as obesity, smoking, drug use and alcohol.. The Chinese collected the results of the investigation and analyzed it.

Results, Study participants, whose lifestyle included more than 150 minutes of exercise per week had a 41 percent lower risk of infertility than study participants who exercised less than 30 minutes per week.. You can see this below. More exercise, more fertility.

Researchers do not think that the subjects were sitting in a drawer somewhere and were never published.. They found no evidence of bias.

When researchers compared the effect of a moderate lifestyle. [ 30 to 150 minutes per week, ] with moderate exercise, [ 0-30 minutes per week, ] they found that a moderate amount of exercise reduced the risk of infertility by 46 percent. Click on the image below to get the larger version. More exercise more fertility.

Finally, the Chinese are also looking at the effect of a lifestyle where people exercise, as recommended by health educators, exercise 30 minutes a day 5 days, a week. As you might expect. This lifestyle also reduces the risk of infertility.

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