maitake mushroom help your immune system fight cancer

 we're going to talk about maitake mushroom,  it's a fungus and it has amazing properties for cancer. It contains a compound called beta D glucans.

This actually will help your immune system fight cancer. It increases natural killer, T cells, it increases macrophages, which are those white blood cells that eat up other cells, especially of the breast deliver and the lung. It also has great properties for insulin, resistance and improving diabetes, 

 If you want to get this in a supplement, it comes in something called maitake diffraction, that's like a concentrated amount  maitake. but there's several trials right now that have been done to show significant decrease in risk of certain types of cancers, shrink small tumors, and maybe also help fibroids.

so overall I think maitake mushrooms are really good for cancer  because it will help decrease that bad type of estrogen in your body. It also improves the symptoms of cancer and actually will help shrink, tumors and fibroids.