Is aromatherapy good for you? Oils that Should Not be used


THESE oils can be caustic if inhaled and should be avoided at all costs. This is not a comprehensive list, you should do research on any oil you plan to use before you purchase it.

Almond - Contains cyanide which even in small amounts can be lethal.

 Aniseed - Skin irritant.

 Arnica - Can cause dizziness and heart irregularities

 Bergamot - Phototoxic, severe sunburn could occur if it is exposed to sunlight.

 Boldo Leaf - Produces convulsions even in small quantities.

 Calamus - Has carcinogenic (cancer causing) properties and can cause kidney and liver damage.

 Camphor - Oral ingestion can be toxic.

 Cassia - Skin and mucus membrane irritant.

 Cinnamon Bark - Skin irritant.

 Costus - Skin irritant.

 Elecampane - Classified as a serious skin irritant.

 Fennel - Can cause epileptic episodes.

Horseradish - Eye, skin, nose, and mucus membrane irritant.

 Jaborandi Leaf - Oral toxin, skin irritant.

 Mustard - Skin and mucus membrane irritant.

 Spanish Origanum - Skin and mucus membrane irritant

 Dwarf Pine - Skin irritant.

 Brazilian Sassafras - Banned by the FDA as a carcinogen and can be toxic even in small amounts.

 Savin - Skin irritant.

 Southernwood - Toxic to the skin and if taken orally.

 Tansy - Can cause convulsions, vomiting, uterine bleeding, and death as a result of organ or respiratory failure.

 Cedarleaf Thuja

 Thuja Plicata - Can be a neurotoxin.

Wintergreen - Can be a skin irritant, especially to those with an aspirin sensitivity. The oil itself is poisonous.

 Wormseed - Toxic to the liver and kidneys, suppresses heart function.

 Wormwood - Consumption can cause visual and auditory hallucinations and addiction. It can also cause convulsions and be a neurotoxin.

Herbs of Ra Care for your Well being. Please do research before buying Aromatherapy products.


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