Do Pasta make you Fat?


Although pasta is made from whole grains, it is slow on the glycemic index a measure of how quickly someone's blood sugar rises after eating a meal. The authors write in BMJ Open Data from 32. Previous studies were analyzed, comparing eating pasta as part of a diet. On other low glycemic foods versus eating a high glycemic diet without pasta, The researchers found that people lost more weight on a low glycemic pasta diet and that the pasta itself did not cause weight, gain or an increase in body.

Fat Studies in the assessment and analysis of data. From a total of 2448 participants of all overweight who were followed for a minimum of 12 weeks and in some cases up to 24 weeks Overall, the research team found that people who followed low glycemic, pasta diets did not gain weight, But they lost more than 063 pounds. On the high glycemic diet, without pasta, The researchers also analyzed 11 separate trials measuring the size and number of servings of pasta `` In the context of weight, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

In this case, a low glycemic index, diet, (, eating pasta. ) will not solve your goals and will also help you overcome your weight. Limits'' Sievenpipper said in a telephone interview. How many I want to say almost ironically, that pasta is an example, and there are not many processed foods and very refined carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index precisely because processing how many he said When flour and water are mixed and dried.

The starch becomes less digestible, slowing the rate of absorption and making blood glucose and lower Sievenpipers said. The analysis is limited by the fact that the research team could not find any studies that examined pasta alone, but only as part of a general diet. Sandra Arevalo, a diabetes related and licensed educator for the Montefiore Health System in New York, who was not involved in the analysis, noted that the study did not distinguish between wheat, pasta and white pasta.

The whole grain is always a better choice of food because of its higher content of food purity, which helps to improve the function of digestion, helps to clean the inside of the body, helps in satiety and thus weight loss and control blood sugars''. He said via email. A healthy diet includes whole grains that cover a quarter of our plate, ( 1/4 ) in every meal In eating proven grains such as white, rice, pasta or bread. We must not skip this game, but not more than two or three times a week.

 Some sauces, often added to pasta such as carbonara and alfredo, are made with cream butter, milk and other fatty ingredients which, although less good, contain calories and fat



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