Electrolytes May help cure Diabetes?


Absolute. Recent studies show that electrolyte levels are significantly affected by uncontrolled blood glucose levels, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes. As you probably remember, some of the early symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination and excessive thirst.

Without getting too scientific, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) causes water to move out of cells into the extracellular spaces of the body, depleting sodium. The body eliminates the fluid through more frequent urination, which throws other electrolytes, such as chloride and potassium, out of balance.

This is a simplified version of what happens in the body when blood sugar levels are out of control; there are many other processes that are also affected.

Staying hydrated and replenishing electrolytes with a healthy hydrating drink like Sugar Free Tapout is essential for effective long-term diabetes management. Sugar Free Tapout is made with 100% real organic ingredients and contains 0g of sugar per serving.

Sugar Free Tapout gets its refreshing homemade flavor from organic juice and organic plant-based stevia. The minerals in Sugar Free Tapout are high-quality, clean, organic, and unprocessed to replenish your body with the purest form of electrolytes.

Used daily, Sugar Free Tapout ensures that dehydration never occurs.

Tapout is the first advanced performance drink that focuses on all three levels of physical support: activation, hydration and recovery. The TapouT Performance Blend contains 6 B-vitamins resulting in increased endurance and performance. Designed with NO sugar, color or flavorings while delivering all 5 electrolytes for rapid hydration.

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